Four Pages of Feedback

A quick summary of Digital Dragons – our team came back quite happy, brought some good contacts and tons of feedback from players. There were even queues to play Thea so our Tutorial Man (3.14) had a lot to do. He wrote down all remarks people had and we’re processing that right now. The bottom line is that people really liked the game but a number was somewhat confused with the interface, so that’s definitely an area we need to work on some more.

We have also announced our plans to release to XBox One console early next year, which earned us a couple mentions in the press. Some publishers also showed their interest in working with us, talks are in progress. Overall – a really good experience. Big thanks to Yuuki, Iv and 3.14 for pulling it off 🙂

There are a couple photos on our facebook page too.

And they’re off!

A week has passed Digital Dragons start tomorrow! Yuuki, 3.14 and Iv are already there, preparing mentally and making sure the alpha build actually works. For those attending the event – see you there!

The other half of the team has been doing “final tweaks” for the last couple days and there’s a high chance the game won’t crash and burn tomorrow morning (but you never know). A couple features have been added too to improve the visuals and the general feel. For example – we now show 3d models of some of the map resources. So you’ll be able to tell straight away if there’s some coal or silver nearby. There are also special structures such as old tower, tomb or cave. Examples on the screenshot below.

Resources and Special Locations

This week was one of the busiest so far but all the work put into the alpha build paid off. Time for some well-deserved rest.

Catch you later!

Enter the Dragon

This is a very busy week for everyone here, but also a very exciting one! In a little more than a week part of our team is going to Krakow in Poland to show off Thea: The Awakening on Digital Dragons! We want to give you a taste of the game by allowing you to play an early demo version. So we’re fixing various issues, squashing bugs (at least the most obvious and annoying ones we manage to catch on time) and generally trying to get the game to a stable, playable state. Of course, there will still be inaccessible menus, placeholder description texts and other problems, but such is the beauty of an alpha version. So – if you’re planning to go to Digital Dragons in Krakow between 21-22 May – make sure you find us in Hall A. There’s something we wanted to announce there too!

But the event and game demo are not the only things that occupy us – we’re in the middle of our Kickstarter campaign! Nice rewards await for our backers, so if you’d like an exclusive T-Shirt, an artbook with bestiary or a button pin for your collection – please support our project. We’re already reached 20% of our goal with your help, so thanks to all who believe in us!

Thea on Kickstarter

Dev Blog Time!

I have had this idea for a long time now, but it was always something that was pushed aside. But having Thea Greenlit today was a trigger to start writing a dev blog. So – once in a while (hopefully at least once a week) I’ll write a few lines about how the development is going, maybe post a screen or two and generally keep you guys updated.

Yuuki will still be handling Facebook and Twitter (and all the other things she does so well), she usually writes updates a lot faster. This blog will try to focus more on the technical side of development, so keep visiting if you’re interested in that aspects of making the game.

For people wanting to make their own hex-based game – our Honey Hex Framework takes part in May Madness Sale on Unity Asset Store with a nice discount of 65%! The sale runs from 5th to 15th of May so don’t miss it.

That’s enough good news for today, see you next time!