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NEW! Honey has got its dedicated Support Forum. If you’ve got any questions – that’s a good place to ask them.

Honey is a framework that allows you to generate hex grid maps with nicely blended terrain.
It includes foliage, water and river systems and is a great base for tactical and turn based strategy games.
The framework is heavily under development and frequent updates with new features are planned.

Current features:

  • great performance, even on very big maps,
  • full source code in C# with comments,
  • loading/saving maps,
  • DX11 map markers,
  • Fog of War,
  • pathfinding system, powered by A* Pathfinding Project – free version (included),
  • set of sample terrain and foliage assets,
  • procedural shadow casting, no lights involved,
  • useful hex data (world floating point height, neighbours, mouse click position, terrain tags, etc.),
  • quick start instructions and tips,
  • uses render to texture functionality – requires Unity Pro.

The framework is now available on Unity Asset Store – click the icon to open up the store page.

Honey Hex Framework on Unity Asset Store

Below you can find Honey’s┬áBasic Tutorial pdf and videos.

Basic Tutorial – PDF

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