Progress is inevitable

Hey folks!

Before I start with anything else, just a quick reminder that tomorrow is the deadline for sending your entries for our Short Slavic Story Competition so be quick! Prizes are waiting!

Now for a a quick summary of what our team has been up to over the last 2 weeks:

  • Music and some sounds are finally in! I must admit, that even though it’s far from being complete, it has improved the overall feel greatly. Many thanks to Nik from murmur for providing fantastic music!
  • Navigation has been re-designed. Initially we were after the same mechanics that was done for Civilization V but once we almost had it done, it turned out it doesn’t really work too well in our game. Thea is a different game after all. We borrowed some solutions though and visual feedback is a lot better than before. Have a look:

New Navigation


  • Resource icons – we have added the option to preview all resources on scouted hexes, so it’s easier to look for a specific resource

Map Resources


  • Card Minigame has received a new and improved AI so it uses its Tactical hand more often and more sensibly (but not only that)
  • Many other minor tweaks, changes and bugfixes.

So yes, we’re being busy. And today we’re submitting the game to Indie Game Contest 2015, so keep your fingers crossed 🙂

See you next time!

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