And they’re off!

A week has passed Digital Dragons start tomorrow! Yuuki, 3.14 and Iv are already there, preparing mentally and making sure the alpha build actually works. For those attending the event – see you there!

The other half of the team has been doing “final tweaks” for the last couple days and there’s a high chance the game won’t crash and burn tomorrow morning (but you never know). A couple features have been added too to improve the visuals and the general feel. For example – we now show 3d models of some of the map resources. So you’ll be able to tell straight away if there’s some coal or silver nearby. There are also special structures such as old tower, tomb or cave. Examples on the screenshot below.

Resources and Special Locations

This week was one of the busiest so far but all the work put into the alpha build paid off. Time for some well-deserved rest.

Catch you later!

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