Mmm, Yummy!

We’ve got a good one for you today. It’s one of those bugs, that we’ll remember and mention as an anecdote for the next year.

So, our testers noticed that some certain buildings sometimes disappear. They build it one day, and then sometime later – gone. Khash tracked it today and turned out these buildings were built from “Food” as one of the ingredients and so, as our mechanics normally does, were attached a “Food” tag to them. This way, such building turned up on the villagers’ menu along with other food items and the first fellow that fancied a fresh Pasture sandwich just chomped on it, removing it from the buildings list.

Unfortunately, this “feature” was removed, the villager told off and buildings taken off the menu.

Among other things, we’ve added a screen, where the player can restrict usage of certain food or fuel items if they need to save it for another purpose.

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