I’ve just realized that our website updates have fallen somewhat behind… I was never particularly good (or speedy) at writing news but this is unacceptable. A’vee – you’re fired!

Oh, wait…

So first, I wanted to share a brand new character art (only one for now, just to tease you :P). I asked our amazing artist Finn to make a couple female gatherers to resemble some old ones from Thea: The Awakening. Below is a T: TA gatherer on the left and T: TS on the right:

But of course, much more stuff happened over the last two months than this 🙂

With the Kickstarter successfully finished, we’ve got some much-needed funds to put towards our marketing efforts as well as additional 2D and 3D art. Happy times, we’ll finally get to hire a professional PR agency and hopefully, with their magic, more players will get to discover Thea. There’s been also a lot going on on the technical side:

  • we have migrated to Unity 2017.2,
  • event editor has received another pass on functionality and performance (framerate increased significantly from 15 to 40 fps while zoomed at 100%),
  • we’ve put together another iteration of the Card Game screen’s layout and also changed how the UI elements are scaled for different resolutions on this particular screen, resulting in more real estate for everything,

  • added code for handling Inventory screen and upgraded Equip screen to show a list of characters to make equipping of multiple characters much more convenient,
  • added some new 2D artwork for characters and events,
  • added a couple dozen 3D models for various characters (we still have a ton of them to do, so this news will keep coming back), check out the new Leshy model!

  • the foundation for placing world factions is ready,
  • turn and adventure management systems are being worked on at the moment. Once these are ready, we’ll be able to build more game mechanics upon them and slowly start seeing those fancy events made by Yuuki and Shell alive in the game.


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