Resources are in!

Holiday break is now but a memory, and after a bit of laziness, we got back to our normal work mode.¬†Figured out it might be time for another post to show off some bits we’ve been doing recently.

  • Resources – these now spawn neatly on the world map according to their database definitions and most of their models are now more or less finished. They all look much better compared to T:TA¬†because they now use higher resolution textures, normal maps and are shiny in all the right places. Here are two screenshots from the forest biome:



  • Character models – this is an ongoing effort due to the sheer volume of characters we’ve got in Thea 2. I’ve recklessly decided to have each model reflect its 2D art as much as possible, so the amount of work here is huge. Majority of those models are heavily adjusted models found on the Unity Asset Store, because we would not be able to fit three hundred custom-made models in our budget even if every team member sold a kidney and half a brain. They are far from AAA quality on close-ups, but from the distance we’ll normally look at them this should be sufficient and not too heavy on the GPU at the same time. Three samples below:

  • Village management panels are now being implemented, along with research unlocks screen. This is an ongoing thing so no screens for the moment.

We can also confirm that we’ll be present on Digital Dragons 2018 in May in Krakow, Poland. We will do our best to give you a playable demo to mess with (not only the card minigame this time!), more details to come.


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