Thea: The Awakening out on consoles on May 31st!

It’s been a long road and not always smooth, but finally, our game is ready to launch on both XBox One and PS4 at the end of this month!

A full version of the single-player game will be out in time to be enjoyed during the long summer holidays.

So why did it take us this long? Well, the answer is complex but simple at the same time. First, we simply didn’t have the resources (manpower, more than anything else). Then, a miracle happened and Khash decided to hand over the reins of the porting to someone else! This is where Andy, from Tactile Fusion came to the rescue and begun the lengthy process.

After the initial time taken to port such a complex strategy game onto consoles (navigation within such features as village/character management for example), making sure the pad controls feel natural and comfortable, came the grueling and often daunting time for testing. With one/two consoles available, it was a long process to say the least. And then there was also the inevitable mountain of bureaucracy to tackle. As first time console publishers (or at least first time solo publishers), both we and Andy had a lot to learn.

But in the end, we are glad we’ve spent the time to make this port right. As far as we can say (and sure, we’re biased) Andy managed to create a great console experience and avoided the dreaded ‘mouse ported onto pad’ pit hole. In fact, some of the controls we’re quite jealous of  as they seem more fun than our PC ones.  So we hope you will enjoy the very ripe fruit of our labours.


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