The Giants return to Thea!

The DLC we promised is finally here! Have a look at the trailer, which sums up the most important features:

Below is a list of stuff you can expect:

New features:

– Localization to German, Polish, Russian and French,
– Full English voiceover for all events,
– Story Events Editor,
– 70 new events,
– 4 new building types,
– 9 new music tracks,
– Additional characters, items and events artwork,
– New human classes and monsters,
– New Quality attribute, which can modify equipment parameters,
– Compare items popup on Equipment screen,
– Research – clicking on a researched resource will show a popup, informing if it was found on the map and add an icon on the top of the HUD, allowing you to view its location,
– Logbook – added eye icon, which locates places linked to the quest,
– HUD – added Pause Menu button in the top left corner,
– HUD – New Turn message when your turn begins,
– Difficulty levels above 5 (up to 10),
– Lair spawn rebalanced to provide more variety and better difficulty control,
– Some recipes can now utilize the least valuable resources such as clay,


– Improved Auto-resolve,
– Research costs are varied, some techs cost more than 1RP,
– Vine and Spiderweb give bonus to Ranged weapons,
– Inventory – added two +10 buttons when moving stacks of items,
– Village Warriors can wield 2-handed swords in one hand,
– Card Minigame – clicking on a message dismisses it


– Jewellery items now correctly take up one slot, allowing characters to wear two pieces of jewellery simultaneously,
– Reshuffle should give a different outcome every time,
– Crafting screen – requirement checking should now correctly take into account catalyst requirement.

We’ve been working hard on this addon for the past 4 months so┬áhope you have a lot of fun with it!

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