Fun Facts!

Here’s a couple numbers related to development and sales of Thea:

  • The production started 19 months ago, in June 2014
  • Core development team of four was supported by several members of “friends & family” throughout the whole time of production
  • Cost of assets, outsourcing and other development-related (excluding living costs) totaled to ~£15.000

  • Over half of that cost was covered by revenue from selling Honey Hex Framework on Unity Asset Store, which is also a base used for Thea
  • As of end of January, the game has been sold to ~40.000 players and further ~100.000 have Thea on their wishlists
  • During 54 days of Early Access (28 Sept – 20 Nov 2015) we have released 110 updates, which greatly improved the game, thanks to community feedback
  • Thea earned 9% of its total income in one day after release from EA
  • 300 copies were sold to Mac and Linux users, even though we do not officially support these platforms (but we do offer working builds for them)
  • Top 5 countries, where we sold the most copies:
    • US – 34.4%
    • Germany – 9.3%
    • Russian Federation – 7.5%
    • United Kingdom – 7.5%
    • France – 6.0%
  • Total word count (including not yet released DLC content) amounts to ~200.000
  • Thea consists of ~60.000 214.360 lines of code (seems that Visual Studio’s counting is bugged so we counted line end characters and ended up with almost 3x as many lines).
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