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It’s no secret that Thea: The Awakening turned out quite well for us. But it’s been a while since our last news entry (and I have to admit I neglected our website a bit…) so people were wondering what exactly are we doing at the moment. We kept our head down for a while and since autumn promised to announce our next title “soon”, but the time has finally come!

We are proud to officially confirm that we are working on Thea 2: The Shattering! Being a sequel to T:TA it will of course be a turn-based strategy in a fantasy setting, spiced up with Slavic folklore. Though things can change as we go, the current plan assumes an ambitious set of features that I will allow myself to copy – paste from our friends at Explorminate, who posted the announcement. Here we go:

  • Co-op  and single player gameplay – survive Thea with friends or solo
  • New, deeper and improved tactical card game to resolve challenges and encounters
  • Randomly generated, vast hex maps to explore
  • Slavic mythology and folklore
  • Hundreds of stories and quests to discover
  • Event editor gives you the ability to make your own adventure
  • Extensive modding and scripting available
  • Meet the vast array of factions that populate Thea and choose diplomacy or warfare as your path
  • Customize existing gods to match your playstyle
  • Control multiple villages simultaneously
  • Explore endless combinations of attributes and skills for your “chosen ones”

(To read the whole thing, follow this link:

I’ll try to keep the updates more frequent from now on and show bits and pieces to build the hype 😀

And a couple screens so you can actually get a glimpse of what we’re working on:




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