Dwarfs are very powerful combatants as well as talented crafters. Dwarfs are attracted by one material only – Gold. Dwarf Bandits and a more powerful version of the Dwarf Smith can potentially be obtained from random events.

The following are examples of starting stats and skills for Dwarfs. Values may vary in your Thea experience.

Dwarf Smith – Attracted

Can Equip: All
Armor: 21
STR: 30
Damage: 30
Will: 12
Speech: 7
Intelligence: 5
Craft: 8
Tactics: 3
Perception: 1

Dwarf Smith – Recruited

Very low chance of joining from random event
Can Equip: All
Armor: 28
STR: 29
Damage: 29
Will: 11
Speech: 6
Intelligence: 6
Crafting: 8
Backstab: 1

Dwarf Bandit

Very low chance of recruitment from a random event when playing a specific Deity.
Starting Stats and Skills currently unknown