Thea: The Awakening features eight deities you can play as, each with unique abilities that help your villagers in their quest for survival. The deities have five levels of skills that can be unlocked by gaining deity experience during your games.

By reaching level three on a deity, you unlock subsequent deities. Perun becomes available when all other deities are unlocked.



The Path of Wisdom: Your villagers are committed to wisdom and so they research faster.
Strong-willed: Your villagers get a +2 armor bonus during Disease, Curse, and Intellect challenges.
Small Magic Tricks: One of your villagers is an elder Sage, wiser and more experienced than any youth.
Elder Blood’s Blessing: Your villagers gain a +1 bonus to Magic.
Death’s Touch: Your people are touched by the unloving and they can all deal Poison damage.



Sun’s Blessing: Guided by the power of the sun’s return, your villagers gain experience faster.
Righteous Convictions: Your villagers get a +2 bonus to Speech and +3 to Attractiveness.
The Shield of the Sun: Under your protection, there is a reduced chance of your village being attacked during day turns.
Solar Vision: Your village starts with and advanced watchtower already built.
Path of Light: Expeditions gain an additional movement point.



Stellar Education: Your people are driven to succeed and impress their Goddess. They gain experience faster.
The Warrior’s Path: Your villagers get a +1 bonus to damage and +2 ranged damage.
Born Tough: Your villagers get +3 armor.
The Gift of the Stars: Your people start with one additional advanced weapon item.
Blessed Children of the Stars: One of your starting villagers is the Son of Zorya.



Nightcrawlers: During night turns, all your villagers get +1 bonus to damage and +2 ranged damage.
Shadow Dwellers: Your villagers get a +2 bonus to stealth.
The Eyes of the Beast: Your vision during night turns is as good as during day turns.
Night Lord’s Command: One of your starting villagers is the Nightstalker, a loyal servant of the moon.
The Moon Path: Expeditions gain 2 additional movement points during night turns.



Green Fingers: Your villagers are faster at gathering.
Mother’s Helpers: Your villagers get a +1 bonus to crafting.
Plentiful Foods: An extra food resource in the village is guaranteed.
Living off the Land: Your settlement starts with a Pasture already built.
Mother’s Touch: Your villagers get a +4 bonus to health and are able to craft faster.



Basic Education: Your villagers are clever and so they research faster.
Know thy Enemy: Your villagers get a +2 bonus to Folklore and +3 to Animal Kinship
Advanced Education: Your villagers get a +1 bonus to Medic and +2 to Tactics.
The Pen, Mightier than the Sword: You receive six basic gadgets to aid you in your struggles.
Through Wisdom to Victory: Start with 2 Advancement Points.



The Power of Hope: Your people gather and research faster.
The Power of Love: Your villagers gain +2 Will, +1 Intelligence, and +3 Health.
Beauty and Bounty: Your people gain +3 Attractiveness and 50 food so they are always ready to celebrate!
Material Girl: Start with additional advanced equipment including weapons and armor.
Irresistible Vibe: An old yet very wise Sage joins your village to spread the word of Lada.



Supreme Start: Your villagers can gather, craft, and gain experience points faster.
Blazing Powers: Your villagers gain +1 armor, +2 ranged damage, and +2 damage.
Thundering Wisdom: Start with three additional advancement points.
Building Flash: Your settlement starts with a Smithy, a Watchtower, and a Pallisade already built.
Lightning Strikes: Start with +5 health for all villagers and two rare crossbows (Perun’s Arrowbearers) in your inventory.