MultiPrayer update is now live!


The second big DLC has just hit the stores! The main focus of this DLC is a co-op mode for 2 players, where you’ll be able to play with your buddy and overcome the dangers of Thea together!

So, how does it work? Both players start with their own village, not too far from each other, and lead their people autonomously under the banner of one god. Each player has their own Inventory, Experience Points and Research tree unlocks. They can trade supplies and villagers and work together to complete the main game events, but random events can pop-up for each player independently. Turns are played simultaneously and while you can’t jump in to help your friend in a fight, you can resolve your own fights while you wait for your buddy to finish theirs.

Of course the DLC is not only about it. It also includes new stories, art, UI improvements, a new building and of course bugfixes.

So, stay on your toes, it might be a good occasion to introduce your friend to Thea and enjoy its perils together.

* (yes, we are aware that multi technically means anything more than one. But two is more than one and we just couldn’t resist using the MultiPrayer name for this DLC).

Here is a changelog:

New features and improvements:

– Co-op mode (as a separate download – see DLC section),
– A set of new events, fully translated and voiced,
– A set of additional events in English (as a separate download – see DLC section),
– Recipe screen now tells what are the chances of obtaining a good quality item,
– Turn Summary will show the amount of resources received and indicate if they come from gathering or from a building,
– Gathering tasks show the amount of resource currently in the group’s inventory,
– Added Community Language – French,
– Entity Info screen and event drop list now displays information if a weapon is 1- or 2-Handed,
– New icons on Research/Crafting recipes screen,
– New icons for dozens of items (and 1-handed weapon icons can be more easily told apart from 2-handed weapons),
– Entity info screen now shows materials and properties on one page (no tab),
– New Building – Blessed Paths – increases gathering range of the player’s Village,
– New icons for difficulties 6 to 10,
– Re-balanced armours and shields,
– Re-balanced unliving rats.

– Mokosh lvl 5 now properly gives +4 Health instead of +1 to your villagers,
– Setting craft count to maximum possible should work correctly now,
– Fixed a bug in the Scholar Village, where you should learn Herbalism but didn’t. Also changed the prerequisites for Medic training, so that only existing medics will be able to improve their skill, not a random person,
– Fixed a bug in the Cosmic Tree quest where you had a dialogue option with the Leshy that should not have been visible till later,
– Fixed Weatherer using incorrect graphics,
– Preset group loading fix,
– Fixed a bug where a gatherer would get unassigned from a task if there is more than one resource of this type available for gathering,
– Fixed a hang in the Events Editor that happened when two lists contained no elements in common,
– In bloodbath mode, a character having 0 life no longer shows as critically injured as it effectively has 0% chance to die,
– Fixed damage received when fleeing from a fight in Bloodbath mode,
– Fixed “- -” that was displayed during event resolving, when a wound tag was removed,
– Fixed calculation of the time it should take for a tasks to complete (if fuel supplies changed).

Have fun!

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