Trying and failing with event editor


Trying and failing with event editor

Postby Dan55 » Tue Oct 10, 2017 4:56 pm

I have tried for a couple of hours each night after work to add a very simple event to my game,one for a village which adds a dwarven smith to the village with the idea that the game would stop pushing the event if i had a dwarf in the village.
This kind of worked in the sense that i got the event to trigger but only in one game and i altered it to show up more and when it did it crashed the game everytime the event triggered so i started a new game and it crashed it again,i could move around the map but not do anything with the UI after that so had to control escape to desktop.

The second event was a expedition event to encounter rock trolls and have a physical challenge that if i won one of them would join me,i never got this to trigger at all.

Ive since deleted both events so i could play the game without crashes.

Now hopefully it doesnt come across as lazy but could someone set up those events,they are really basic and im almost embarrassed to ask but i really cant work out the event editor,ive used the tutorial video`s and ive read pages of broken information but its just beyond me,well i actually think ive almost had it a few times but i do one thing and the game crashes and i cant figure out how to get an event to trigger early enough or at all reliably to test it to get to understand it,i also think it wouldnt hurt if on the next game you add a fairly comprehensive tool tip to each function.

If anyone could help me here id really appreciate it,once i have the basic bare bones of those events i would have the basis to continue to make something better and failing that at least id have something to play with.

Thanks for any help
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