Thea Factions - trade, make alliances...


Thea Factions - trade, make alliances...

Postby dushu » Sun Dec 11, 2016 1:31 pm

22/12/2016 edit: uploading a new version with a bunch of bugfixes (there was one big issue where the orc camp was despawning too early; and a few smaller ones).

Orc and Howlingwood questlines are both extended with some new plot (Battle of New Bumpkinton; Cure for the Curse - not yet finalized);
Howlingwood witch has new trade options (brewing elixirs).


Ok, so this is the second - and heavily reworked - version of the mod I'm working on. In introduces several factions that the Player can trade and interact with.

It already has a decent amount of content, most of it focused on helping two cursed brothers build a village in the middle of the woods. And then developing the place into a safe haven for all sorts of misfits and magical creatures fleeing unfair persecution.

The mod also introduces some mechanical innovations, allowing for limited customization of characters. There is an event that lets you modify the attributes of each new character: attraction (which often doesn't match the portrait, so I let the Players re-assign it as they please) and willpower (which I plan to use in some events where character's personality is relevant).
There's also an option (for which I abuse the "light steps" attribute) to designate one of the villagers as "Player character" - a unique protagonist representing the Player himself which may play special role in some events.
I don't use those functionalities much yet, but in time I plan to try and use them to give the villagers some more depth and a more personal feel - maybe even have them marry, get angry at each other etc.

The mod also tracks the relation with each faction (on a scale of 0 to 100) and the relation changes based on decisions made, enabling and disabling some options and events depending on whether the faction and the Player are friends or enemies.

In case anyone wanted to extend on the already existing content, below is the list of custom "*" tags that the mod currently uses, along with possible values and meaning (SPOILERS! SPOOILEERS!!!):

1: mod intro was shown (travelling merchant), location of New Bumpkinton was marked on the map

1: location of tNew Bumpkinton was marked on the map

measures reputation with New Bumpkington, enables or disables dialogue options

measures reputation with Howlingwood, enables or disables dialogue options

1: "Missing hunters" quest accepted but tracking challenge failed; this enables the random Interrupt event that can still make it possible to find the hunters
2: "Missing hunters" location (dead tree) marked on the map after the tracking challenge was won
3: fended off the wolves; Wulf Brothers are wounded and someone needs to bandage their wounds (sickness/medicine)
4: Wulf Brothers are healed, someone needs to diagnose Hans's condition (folklore)
5: Wulf Brothers need a place to stay (quest to build Barracks was issued)
6: Barracks quest was completed, Howlingwood location was marked on the map

1: Player built the smithy and installed a dwarf in Howlingwood; option to visit the smith is now enabled

1: quest issued. This also enables some dialogues with New Bumpkington's witch, opening an optional quest line
2: Player built the Herbalist's hut and installed a witch in Howlingwood; option to visit the witch is now enabled

1: talked to Anushka at Howlingwood after receiving the quest to install a witch at Howlingwood; selected one of the available quests (Troll Blood or Flower of Eastern)
2: Flower of Eastern quest progressing (talked to Leshy at the Gardens of Mokosh)
3: retrieved the ingredient: Flower of Eastern
4: retrieved the ingredient: troll blood
6: completed the quest - Anushka joined the roup and is no longer available at New Bumpkinton

1: Player got a quest to rescue a satyr that is being held captive by the Orc Slavers
2: Player tried to sneak up on the orcs but failed; rescuing the satyr through stealth is no longer an available option
3: Player managed to rescue the satyr - Ianto - from the orc slavers
4: Player built a Meeting Hall and installed the satyr in it, inn can now be visited

measures reputation with the orc slavers, enables or disables dialogue options

1: location of orc slavers' camp was marked on the map

1: a random quest was issued by the orc chieftain (raid a farm, ...) and an appropriate location was marked on the map
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Re: Thea Factions - trade, make alliances...

Postby felipeneves81 » Thu Dec 15, 2016 7:43 pm

This looks awesome! Please keep updating with more content

I'll test it when I arrive home then I'll tell what I think.
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Re: Thea Factions - trade, make alliances...

Postby dushu » Wed Dec 21, 2016 8:30 pm

...and adding new version with a bunch of fixes.

Also added more dialogue options for some people in Howlingwood, and extended the orc questline to the point where Player can help the orcs take over New Bumpkinton completely.
I'll probably add the opposite choice (help NewBumpkintonians eradicate the orcs) later.
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Re: Thea Factions - trade, make alliances...

Postby dushu » Thu Dec 29, 2016 7:27 am

...and a new, updated version.

This one takes the main Howlingwood quest all the way to the end, allowing the Player to break the curse (or not - there are two available choices).

In case anyone gets stuck: go to the village (New Bumpkinton) that the traveling merchant mentions, speak with the people at the inn, and then follow the "lost hunters" quest line (which at one point requires you to construct the Barracks). Once the village of Howlingwood is created, speak with the Wulf brothers, find them a witch (or talk to the witch at New Bumpkinton) and build a Herbalist's Hut for her to move into. Getting a witch to move into Howlingwood is needed in order to move the quest line further.

A little hint: Several quests require you to construct specific buildings and the quality of the constructed building affects by how much the reputation with the faction will improve. E.g. the witch will appreciate it if you build her a nice home out of all them hard-to-get high level resources rather than just nail together a stick hut out of basic wood.

(adding this update as a comment because when I update the file in the original post the whole thread disappears for days until it can be approved by the moderator)
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Re: Thea Factions - trade, make alliances...

Postby Veomyr » Thu Mar 09, 2017 9:32 am

when trying to trade, they take wood from my buildings, even if my party or village has more than enough wood to cover. also took food from buildings too. otherwise it is a neat quest line.
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